Pulze Giovanni

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Giovanni Pulze was born in Piove di Sacco near Padua (Italy). He began to paint and to have interesting relashionships with various artists since he was very young. Giovanni is a very positive artist. In his urban cities and happenings, the contemporary man is never alone, left on his own but plunged in a field of infinite possibilities and opportunities. The interaction among human beings is steady and it may well furnish the answer to a need or to a quest or a solution to a problem in a moment of need. In his works, this positive vision of life is depicted by the guardian angel, an earth angel , with white, physical wings . Other times, the vision of infinite potentialities is felt and represented by the sparkling lights all over the painting. Often, both events are present in his works to assure that human beings are never alone. A conforting and positive message that balances the nevrotic and fast motion of contemporary cities. The colors of his paintings are strong and brilliant and his hand is secure with an impressionistic touch.